Spanish for Tech Startup Employees & Internet Geeks

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In addition to our general Spanish language classes, Dynamo Spanish offers specialized language courses designed to help you in specific fields, such as technology.

If you work in technology or just want to learn the Spanish terms you need to communicate effectively with others on the Internet, our Spanish for Tech Startup Employees and Internet Geeks might be the class for you. We’ve worked with many such students, including several at Google.

The Spanish Language, Technology, and the Internet

The language of the Internet may be English, but that doesn’t mean that Spanish won’t be helpful. If you are planning on working in a Spanish-speaking country or with customers from those locations, you will find the ability to speak Spanish helpful. 

Language Learning with Dynamo Spanish

Dynamo Spanish’s classes emphasize speaking, listening comprehension, and oral comprehension.

With your teacher, you will work through and learn grammar concepts and vocabulary through conversation practice. You will also spend time specifically learning the vocabulary of the internet and the technology world.

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Furthermore, you will get practice listening to Spanish as it is spoken by a native speaker. Given the global nature of the internet, we expect that you’ll hear a variety of accents from the Spanish speakers you encounter. With sufficient practice and exposure, you should be able to understand people from all around the world, from Latin America to Spain and beyond.

What You Will Learn in Spanish for Tech Startup Employees and Internet Geeks

During your language courses, you will cover the following topics (and more) with your teacher:

  • The vocabulary of the technology field, including specialized terms. You’ll spend a lot of time on learning vocabulary and helping you to understand the various nuances people employ when using certain words
  • Proper accent and pronunciation when speaking so that others won’t have trouble understanding you

All of the courses offered by Dynamo Spanish’s are customized to your skills and goals. As such, your teacher may change your course content based on what you hope to learn and gain from your online Spanish course.

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