Online Spanish Lessons: Which Class Is Right For You?

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Choosing the right class for your is an important part of learning Spanish.

Dynamo Spanish offers a variety of classes at different levels. If you’re not sure which class is right for you, read on for the information you need to help you make a decision.

Spanish Lessons by Learning Level

Dynamo Spanish offers general Spanish lessons based on your level of conversational fluency.

To determine the language learning level for each course, we use:

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Beginners Spanish

The Beginners Spanish course is ideal for students who are:

  1. New to the Spanish language
  2. Revisiting Spanish after a long break from learning the language

The content covered in Beginners Spanish is equal to Cervantes Diploma Levels A1-A2.

Intermediate Spanish

The Intermediate Spanish class is appropriate for those who can speak some Spanish but want to improve their level of fluency.

The content covered in Intermediate Spanish is equal to Cervantes Diploma Levels B1-B2.

Advanced Spanish

The Advanced Spanish course is designed for those who are comfortable speaking in Spanish, but want to attain fluency.

The Advanced Spanish course content is equal to Cervantes Diploma Levels C1-C2.

Career-Oriented Spanish Language Classes

You can choose from the following options if you are working in a Spanish-speaking country and would like to learn Spanish for use in a professional setting.

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Specialized Spanish Lessons

If neither the graded Spanish lessons nor the career-oriented options are a fit, consider one of the following specialized lessons.

Conversational Spanish

All of Dynamo Spanish’s online Spanish lessons include lots of speaking practice. However, Conversational Spanish is different in that it focuses solely on helping you improve your fluency levels and therefore your confidence in your Spanish-speaking skills.

In this course, there will be an emphasis on your pronunciation and accent and improving your Spanish vocabulary levels beyond the basics.

Audio Spanish Lessons

The Audio Spanish lessons are designed to help train your listening skills in Spanish.

When learning a language, you typically hear it spoken by a single teacher. However, the goal of this course is to expose you to multiple speakers in many different contexts. You will be listening to things like music and public speeches by native speakers. The goal is to train your ear and help you understand Spanish, no matter who is speaking.

Spanish Language YouTube Videos

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YouTube offers a wide variety of useful content, including Spanish language lessons. This is helpful when learning Spanish online, but how do you find the best materials for you?

Dynamo Spanish teachers can help you select material appropriate to your level. Then, you can watch and learn from the videos on a schedule that best fits your needs.

If you prefer an additional degree of independence when it comes to learning, or you would prefer a less rigid structure with your online Spanish courses, the YouTube option might be right for you.

Start Speaking Spanish Today

Dynamo Spanish offers a free Spanish lesson to all students new to the program, regardless of whether you are learning a new language or you have some background knowledge. Once you’ve decided on the right class for you, book a free lesson today to see if the Dynamo Spanish method is right for you.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still not certain which Dynamo Spanish class is right for you, please reach out to us. We will be happy to help you choose the right language course for you.

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