Business Spanish for CEOs & Executives

Business Spanish for CEOs and Executives is one of Dynamo Spanish’s specialized Spanish courses. We created this course especially for those working in the corporate world who want to learn Spanish that is applicable to their work-related activities.

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Why Learn Business Spanish?

Dynamo Spanish offers a variety of Spanish speaking courses. These lessons cover topics you expect to find in a typical Spanish language learning course, including:

  • Greetings
  • How to converse with others in a casual setting (e.g., small talk with your colleagues, at lunch, over the phone)
  • Basic everyday vocabulary (e.g., office supplies, office-related terms)

However, such high-level content isn’t good enough for those who are working either in a Hispanic area or Spanish-speaking country or with native speakers in a business setting.

To that end, Dynamo Spanish offers a business-oriented Spanish course. You will spend your time learning Spanish that’s immediately applicable at work.

What You Will Learn in Business Spanish for CEOs and Executives

Business Spanish for CEOs and Executives will help you develop and strengthen your language skills. You will also focus on the business vocabulary you need to navigate the corporate world.

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As the class progresses, you will become comfortable enough with your skills to:

  • Make and maintain business contacts in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Handle phone calls and other ad hoc communication with ease
  • Write letters and emails appropriate for the professional environment

More specifically, you will learn in this course:

  • How to greet others
  • How to communicate effectively with Spanish-speakers specifically in a business environment. We will place emphasis on correct pronunciation
  • The specialized Spanish vocabulary you need to succeed in negotiations and other business situations

In addition to working on your conversational skills, this Spanish course will cover cultural norms in the business world, especially since the expected norms vary widely (e.g., Spanish norms differ quite a bit from those in Argentina). This will help you conduct yourself appropriately during the day, as well as after-hours at dinners, meet-ups, and other events.

The goal of our Spanish lessons is to help you become comfortable enough with your Spanish skills so that you can proudly represent your company.

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