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Dynamo Spanish is an exclusively online Spanish language school. It is designed to help its students gain the confidence they need to speak Spanish fluently, no matter where they are in the world.

Regardless of where our students go — Mexico, Latin America, Spain, or even just Spanish-speaking pockets of the United States — we aim to prepare them to understand native Spanish speakers around the world.

Learning Spanish Online

We understand that taking online classes and learning a language over the internet is a new experience for many people. That’s why Dynamo Spanish offers all new students one free online Spanish lesson.

The goal of the your free Spanish lesson is to help you determine if:

  • The online format of our language lessons is right for you
  • Dynamo Spanish is the right online school for you

Before You Schedule Your Lesson

Before you schedule your trial lesson, we ask that you take a placement test online.

The language placement test is free. We will use the results of your placement test to determine the appropriate Spanish language course for you — after all, it’s not helpful for you to sit through basic Spanish lessons when you would be better served by Advanced Spanish.

Your teacher will also use this information to set the content and structure of your free lesson.

Once you have taken the Spanish placement test, you can schedule a trial lesson with one of our teachers (all are native speakers) to start learning.

The Contents of Your Lesson

The contents of your free Spanish lesson will vary based on the level indicated by your placement test.

With that said, you can expect lots of practice with speaking, ample opportunities for listening and comprehension, and work on your Spanish vocabulary no matter what your level of comfort with Spanish is.

All of our Spanish courses emphasize speaking, and your trial lesson is no different. Our goal is for students to become comfortable with listening to other Spanish speakers and able to speak Spanish confidently.

In most cases, we do not spend as much time teaching formal Spanish grammar as a traditional language course. Nevertheless, your teacher will help you learn what you need to know and spend the time explaining complex concepts to you.

If you have any experience with the Spanish language, your teacher may review those concepts with you as well.

Specialized Spanish Classes

We ask that students who want to learn Spanish for use in a specific setting (e.g., medicine, law, business, or technology) inform their teacher of this early on so that the contents of the lesson can be tailored accordingly.

What’s Next?

We hope that you enjoy your lesson, find it useful, and decide to continue to learn Spanish online with us.

If not, we thank you for your time. There are no strings attached to any of the trial online Spanish courses we offer. You owe us nothing if you decide that online language learning is not right for you.

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There's no pressure or "hard sell" - if you're not delighted, you don't pay a penny.

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