Interactive Spanish Lessons via Skype

DynamoSpanish’s interactive Spanish lessons are designed to give you practical language skills that you’ll be able to use in real life situations. The lessons are engaging and dynamic and involve the active participation of both student and teacher.

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What Skills Will I Learn?

With our interactive Spanish lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • Greet people
  • Ask/give directions
  • Negotiate
  • Solve problems
  • Make plans
  • Express complex thoughts and opinions
  • Employ commonly used local expressions

What Topics Will Be Covered?

DynamoSpanish’s Beginner’s Lessons will teach you to:

  • Chat about places and events
  • Participate in basic daily conversations
  • Exchange personal information
  • Talk about present, past and future events
  • Give & receive instructions
  • Talk about your home and routines
  • Talk about professions
  • Order food in a restaurant and go grocery shopping
  • Talk about the weather and seasons
  • Express thoughts on travel and hobbies
  • Talk about health issues
  • Talk about your environment

Dynamo Spanish’s Intermediate Lessons will teach you to:

  • Make yourself understood in a variety of situations such as debates, problem-solving and clarification of misunderstandings
  • Express needs, tastes, preferences, feelings and emotions
  • Give advice, issue orders, formulate hypotheses
  • Refer to other people’s ideas and opinions
  • Develop a stronger knowledge of communicating in common situations beyond the basic.

Dynamo Spanish’s Advanced Lessons will teach you to:

  • Present and defend your own opinion in a clear and precise way
  • Learn how to negotiate
  • Express your point of view about complex subjects
  • Understand and evaluate specialized discourses (literary, scientific, journalistic)
  • Write reports, critical texts and opinion pieces

Do I Have To Have Learned A Language Before?

Not at all. Many of our students are learning a language for the very first time. If that’s your case, then we welcome you to this wonderful experience. Learning a new language is like gaining a key to a different world. You’ll be so glad you made the effort.

High School Spanish Was Awful. Is This the Same?

No.  Our online Spanish lessons are far more engaging than typical high school classes.

Instead of endlessly reciting verb conjugations or memorizing vocabulary by rote, you’ll learn Spanish by actually using the language.

Conversational language learning is not only more interesting, but it’s more effective because it uses practical applications of the vocabulary you’ve learned. You begin to make associations and use the words naturally instead of in isolated exercises.

Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ page for answers about our online Spanish classes.

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