Brenda Lando

Brenda Lando
Sales Manager, Google Mexico

Brenda Lando
Q: Describe Dynamo Spanish in three words.

A: Nuria is patient, flexible and excellent!

Q: What made you start learning Spanish?

A: I studied in Buenos Aires in 2005, and fell in love with the city. Soon after, I decided that I wanted to transfer to Buenos Aires, and thus Spanish was a must!

Q: Why did you choose online classes over face-to-face classes?

A: Once I transferred to Mexico, I investigated other face to face teachers. None of them compared to Nuria, in terms of quality nor flexibility (nor fun!).

Q: When did you start taking Spanish classes? What was your level of Spanish before and what is it now?

A:My level prior to classes was Berlitz 0. Literally nada. Now I am a Berlitz 9.

Q: What do you like most about online classes?

A:Flexible schedule. Efficient – no travel time. Can do classes from my office during business hours.

Q: What one thing has helped the most to improve your Spanish fluency?

A: Living in a Spanish speaking country. If that’s not possible, then reading tons of Sohpie Kinsella novels & watching Sex and the City in Spanish.

Q: How many classes did it take you to feel confident having a conversation in Spanish?

A: 3-6 months @ 1x/week

Q: Do you feel that learning Spanish has helped your career?

A: For sure! I am now able to work in many of the most important developing countries on the globe. I no longer have to apologize for only speaking English. After one year in Buenos Aires, I was offered a transfer to Mexico city.

Q: Would you recommend online Spanish classes and why?

A: I’d highly recommend online classes as the baseline to learning. Feel free to layer on in-person courses, but those will be the first to get canceled and postponed for a million reasons.

Online courses are so easy, reliable, predictable, that you’ll never fall off the bandwagon.